Destination Blanket Crochet Blanket

Destination Blanket Crochet Blanket

Ashley Leither
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Something we have received requests for many times for our Leither Collection Subscription Box is for the projects to continue each month HOWEVER that is really hard to create a project with when we use different yarn weights and crochet hooks sizes each month. If you tried to make a shawl over several months, the gauge would change every month and the pieces would be consistent. Well, I came up with a solution, after we created our theme for the entire 2021 Leither Collection Subscription Boxes and we decided that the theme for the entire the year would be destinations. After we had decided that I was brainstorming a way to take all 12 destinations and put it into one crochet project and I came up with the idea of the Destination Blanket for 2021. What we will be doing is making 20 different 12x12 crochet squares throughout 2021 and turning it into a blanket. Once all the squares are made and sewed together the finished blanket will measure approximately 48x60. Some months we will have 1 square and some months we will have 2 squares for a total of 20 different 12x12 squares. In January 2021, we introduced our year long crochet project with the Paris Square, February with the London Square and in March we had two squares, the Sydney 1 Square and Sydney 2 Square. If you have missed any of the past squares, you can find them linked below. You can also find all the yarns in our store as well. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Paris Crochet Square

London Crochet Square

Sydney 1 Square

Sydney 2 Square

We will be making the Destination Blanket all year long with our Leither Collection yarns, so if you aren't a member of the Leither Collection Subscription Box you can join in at any time and always catch up with the past squares. Come back next month to see the next square(s) be added to the Destination Blanket! Need more inspiration? A fun textured blanket to make is the Oliver Blanket! This blanket can be customized any way you like! ~Ashley

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