Crochet Hook Giveaway

Crochet Hook Giveaway

Crochet Hook Giveaway!

Would like a chance to be one of the three, yes I said three, winners to receive a hand turned crochet hook handle made out of gorgeous wood?

About a month ago, my husband and I started talking about my pain and what I thought I needed in a crochet hook to be pain free. I needed them to be a little bit on the ergonomic side but not heavy, also I wanted them to be a little longer so they didn’t dig into my palm and I wanted to be able to comfortably relax the end of my hand around the hook. He told me that he wanted to try and make one, so of course I said yes and I drew out a sketch of a hook! He came back about 30 minutes with a crochet hook handle, it was comfortable and my dream hook. He then went and designed another having a lot of curves and it is gorgeous and comfy too. Since then he has been making a couple a day and lets just say he is now addicted to making crochet hooks and I am loving it! Everyone has different "hand" needs while crocheting and I think with all the hooks that my husband has been designing, there is something for your hand needs! Whether you are a pen holder, knife holder or what I call a loosey-goosey knife holder, which is what I am! This is what I call the Simplicity Hook, my ideal crochet hook, simple and beautiful! The complete Simplicity Hook Collection will be coming to the store soon as a pre-order for individual hooks or as a complete collection very soon!

Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win 1 of 3 hand turned wooden crochet hooks!

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