Foundation Single Crochet Tutorial

Foundation Single Crochet Tutorial

Welcome to the first tutorial in the Tutorial Tuesday series, the first tutorial up is the foundation single crochet.  This stitch is a must to add to your crochet dictionary list.  This crochet stitch is a must to use when you are working a project that you want to make sure that it isn't going to shrink and when you want to maybe have a little stretch.  Another thing that I love about the foundation stitches, is it gives that first row is super clean and every thing is even. So grab your hook and give the foundation single crochet stitch a try!

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I have created a video tutorial and a photo tutorial for the foundation single crochet (chainless single crochet), whichever way you learn better, I hope one of these help explain the foundation single crochet for you.

Beanies that I Love!!

1.  Vintage Ripple Beanie   2. Morgan Beanie   3. Jelly Bean Beanie


Grab your hook!

Make a slip knot, then chain 2.

Insert your hook into the 2nd chain from the hook, yarn over and pull up a loop. 

Pull yarn through one loop, then yarn over.

Yarn over and pull through two loops.

*Insert hook under chain, yarn over and pull up a loop.

Yarn over and pull through one loop.

Yarn over and pull through two loops on hook; repeat*,

Foundation Single Crochet

Want a project to try out the foundation single crochet?  

A fun textured blanket to make is the Oliver Blanket!  This blanket can be customized any way you like!




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