Hand Turned Crochet Hooks

Hand Turned Crochet Hooks

So you may know I have been struggling with hand pain while crocheting for awhile. A couple weeks ago, my husband and I started talking about my pain and what I thought I needed in a crochet hook to be pain free. I needed them to be a little bit on the ergonomic side but not heavy, also I wanted them to be a little longer so they didn't dig into my palm and I wanted to be able to comfortably relax the end of my hand around the hook. He told me that he wanted to try and make one, so of course I said yes and I drew out a sketch of a hook! He came back about 30 minutes with a crochet hook handle, it was comfortable and my dream hook. He then went and designed another having a lot of curves and it is gorgeous and comfy too.  Since then he has been making a couple a day and lets just say he is now addicted to making crochet hooks and I am loving it!

Because he has been making so many, we wanted to make them available for purchase and share his beautiful craftsmanship with you all!  No two hooks are the same, each one is unique in their own way!  Some of the hooks that are available for purchase already have a Boye steel crochet hook inserted inside and some you can pick your crochet hook size.

You can purchase the hooks right here on the website under the "Store" tab and as more hooks are made available they will be added!

Happy Crocheting!










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