How To Foundation Single Crochet

How To Foundation Single Crochet

I really enjoying learning new techniques and I always enjoying sharing how I do it!  So this week’s new tutorial is about the Foundation Single Crochet, also called the Chainless Foundation Single Crochet.  This technique is great for working many projects and using the Foundation Single Crochet technique you can chain and single crochet at the same time!  Watch the video and learn something new today or freshen up on the technique and master it for any upcoming project!!I love using the foundation single crochet technique.  Why?  Watch the video to learn why! 

I will not only show you how to make the foundation single crochet but I will also show how to turn it into a round, if you have a circular project.

Get ready for something exciting!!


Thanks for watching, let me know if you have any questions. Check back often for more tutorials!



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