How to Make the Perfect Pom Pom!

How to Make the Perfect Pom Pom!

Pom Pom’s!  I love Pom Pom’s!  Do you?So today, I am bringing you a new tutorial on how to make the Perfect Pom Pom and guess what?  You don’t need any specialty tools either!  You can make these Pom Pom’s with ANY kind of yarn!  Give it a try with different textures, colors, weights and so on!  You are going to become addicted to making the Pom Pom’s that may just be adding them to everything like a new beanie, a blanket, a pom pom rug and you could even use it as décor pieces! 

So, I know I said you don’t need any specialty tools, but you do need a couple of things, which as yarn lover you will have this on hand!  You need yarn of your choice, scissors and your hand, yep that is all you need to make a fabulous Pom Pom!! Watch the video tutorial, give it a try and let me know you think!

Get ready for something exciting!!


Thanks for watching, let me know if you have any questions. Check back often for more tutorials!     ~Ashley


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