How To Remove Those Extra Chains

How To Remove Those Extra Chains

This past weekend, I was making a blanket (I know big surprise, I am always making a new blanket hehe) but when I reached almost to the end of row 1, I realized woooow this is way to big!  But, I didn't want to undo my whole first row just to remove 15 chains, I had already chained 108 and worked 93 of those stitches. 

So instead I tried removing them and guess what?  It worked and I didn't have to undo any work, I just undid those extra stitches and moved onto row 2 and beyond!  Check out the video tutorial below on how I removed those EXTRA chains!!

Get ready for something exciting!!


Thanks for watching, let me know if you have any questions.

Check back often for more tutorials!



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