Leither Collection Subscription Box April 2020

Leither Collection Subscription Box April 2020

Did you know that we have a monthly crochet

subscription box called the Leither Collection, let's dive into the

April 2020 Box!

With the love of crochet and everything about it we started a crochet subscription box back in October 2018.

I have been designing crochet patterns since 2012!  I love coming up with new designs and having a theme to create those designs.  After my husband started making crochet hooks last year after my crochet injury, I became inspired to crochet even more! 

Then I started hand dyeing yarn and designing based on the colorway and weight of the yarn, that is when the Leither Collection Subscription Box was born!

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For January, February and March we went on a fairy tale collection adventure with our Leither Collection themes but it wasn't originally planned that way.  I knew with January I wanted to have blue as a main color and when I came across the Alice in Wonderland Clock, I knew that would be perfect, so we created the (Alice in) Wonderland Collection.  Then with February being Valentine's Day, I knew we had to have pink and when I saw the pink carriage, I knew that was perfect for a February/love theme and we created the A Dream is a Wish Collection. Then in March, I wanted to bring in a blue/green theme and when I saw the blue/green fish stitch marker, I knew that would make a wonderful Under the Sea Collection.

For our next box, which would be our April 2020 Leither Collection Subscription Box, I knew I wanted to go with a rainbow theme but I wasn't sure which direction I was going to go with it yet.  It hadn't of dawned on me that is was April, I knew that the rainbow stitch marker would create the next theme so the next thing I needed to do was create the yarn.  As I was creating the colorway, I wanted to create a color palette that was subtle, I didn't want to go super bright colors.  Then all of a sudden it hit me (don't you love it when that happens) and I realized that I was creating this yarn for "April" and the phrase popped in by head "April showers, bring May flowers" and then I knew where I was going with this theme!

For our April Showers Collection, I knew I wanted it to have this rainy day feel, where it is kinda rainy outside and a little gloomy but at the end it brightens up and there is a rainbow.

So, let's dive a little deeper into our April 2020 Leither Collection Subscription Box, April Showers!

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Last month our yarn colorway was called Under the Sea and it had bright, bold colors.  This month we are going with a subtle gloomy looking color palette, where it starts of in a dark rain cloud and transitions through the clouds and starts to see a pastel rainbow with green and pink and then the sunshine starts to shine on the other end.  I truly love this color palette.  I began creating this box in January and it has been one of the hardest colorways that I have ever had to keep a secret!

The merino yarn base this month is a sport weight this month and it such a squishy drappy yarn that is a dream to work with!  The merino colorway is called April Showers, it is 100% superwash merino wool and it has 328 yarns which is 100 grams!!

The cotton yarn this month is different than we have done before, this month we have two 50 gram skeins (to equal one full skein) of sport weight yarn.  The light blue shade is called sky and the grey shade this month is called rain cloud.  I wanted to be able to pull some of the colors from the April Showers colorway in the merino base and bring that over to our cotton base.  The Sky and Rain Cloud colorways are 100% cotton, they are 164 yards each and they are 50 grams each.  Together it included 328 yards which is 100 grams!!

Both of these yarns are so dreamy to work with and I hope you love both of them as much as I do!

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Beanies that I love!!

1.  Vintage Ripple Beanie   2. Morgan Beanie   3. Jelly Bean Beanie

Sign up for the next box at www.leithercollection.com

Use the coupon code HOOKED to get $5 off your first deluxe box!

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Let's talk about these gorgeous crochet hooks! First lets talk about the design of the hook this month, it has gorgeous details.  The hooks are always designed to not only have gorgeous details but the design helps reduce pressure points in your hand while crocheting! Those curves also bring out the colors and grain in the woods.

To make sure that we always have enough funfetti wood (colored wood) in stock for all of our subscription boxes that include funfetti we now have two different wood colorways each month.  The primary colors we wanted to have in both woods was purple and yellow, so if you received a subscription box with funfetti wood you would of received the purple, blue and yellow, or the yellow and pruple crochet hook.  Both beautiful hooks.

The crochet hook sizes this month are a E (3.5mm) crochet hook size!

The natural wood this month is a gorgeous purpleheart wood which has different natural shades of purple with a little grain within it. .  All of the hooks are the same gorgeous style and unique in their own way.   Which one did you receive?

I now want to show the stitch marker that started the color inspiration for this box this month, meet this adorable rainbow with clouds stitch marker.  The smile in the cloud of the rainbow stitch marker just makes me smile, how about you?

When you have a rainbow stitch marker, you need others to coordinate too!  Inside the stitch marker collection we have the umbrella, blue rain cloud, rainbow stitch marker, pink lightening bolt and the dark cloud and lightening.  All together this creates the PERFECT April Showers stitch marker collection!!!! Don't you argree?

You now have the option to add the stitch maker collection to your subscription box over at www.leithercollection.com

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Now lets dive into the crochet patterns!  The first pattern in the box was designed with the April Showers merino yarn and it is the April Showers Shawl.  I have discovered a huge love for shawl making recently and I couldn't wait to get another shawl on my crochet hook.  After I created the April Showers colorway, I knew it would make the perfect shawl!  Now this shawl that is included in the Leither Collection Subscription Box is designed with one skein of yarn, so that you can join the shawl in the back to create a cowl.  However, if added 1-2 more skeins, you could make a much larger shawl to wrap around!  I think that is maybe what I might do!

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The second crochet pattern in the April Showers Collection is the Rainy Day Pouch.  Since we were working with 2 colors this month, I wanted to create a project that I could create a stripy look and also use some beautiful texture.  I loved creating the Rainy Day Pouch, it is a lot of fun to make and you can get as creative as you like!

Which crochet pattern is your favorite?  I loved creating both of these designs.

Both projects are a lot of fun to make, I loved the April Showers Shawl because well it's absolutely beautiful and also because I am obsessed with shawls.  The Rainy Day Pouch is the perfect quick project to make and keep for your self or give as a gift!

I hope that you are loving having two different crochet patterns to choose from each month!

We love putting together the boxes every month and adding every piece that goes into the box.  We brainstorm the yarn colors and decide if the crochet hooks will completely coordinate or complement the yarn.  Once I have the colors for the yarn chosen, then I decide what I am going to make. I let the colors of the yarn tell me what it wants to be! We have also loved finding coordinating stitch markers to complete the set.

If you received the April 2020 box I would love to know what your favorite item from the box was.  If you didn't receive the box, would still love to know which item I showed you was your favorite.  Remember you can now purchase this as the April Showers  Kit in our store.

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You can also purchase extra yarn that was featured in the box!

Don't forget you can join at any time to receive the next month's box.

You can sign up at www.leithercollection.com

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Remember to use the code HOOKED to receive $5 off your first deluxe box.

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