Leither Collection Subscription Box May 2019

Leither Collection Subscription Box May 2019

Did you know that we have a monthly crochet subscription box? With the love of crochet and everything about it we started a crochet subscription box back in October 2018.  I have been designing crochet patterns since 2012 and love coming up with new designs and having a theme to create those designs really inspires me.  After my husband started making crochet hooks last year after my crochet injury, I became inspired to crochet even more!  Then I started hand dyeing yarn and designing based on the colorway and weight of the yarn, that is when the Leither Collection Subscription Box was born!

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Let's dive into the May 2019 box! Last month we went with a Starry Night with deep blue and a gorgeous yellow.  But this month I wanted to keep a little of the blue but I wanted it to be different shades of blue to a solid white.  This yarn this month is a fingering weight and it is 400 yards! It is super squishy and soft too!

Beanies that I love!!

1.  Vintage Ripple Beanie   2. Morgan Beanie   3. Jelly Bean Beanie

Sign up for the next box at www.leithercollection.com and use the coupon code HOOKED to get $5 off your first deluxe box!

Lets talk about these gorgeous crochet hooks!  This is our 8th box and we wanted to be able to offer more sizes than we could make with using 100% wood.  Our crochet hook this month is a 4mm, a 4 mm in 100% wood is very delicate, so we decided to expand into our own aluminum crochet hook line and this month is the first month.  The design is the same for both the Funfetti (pink and blue) and Natural (redheart) but these two different woods make them both look unique in their own way!

We typically have a splurge item in our box every month and this month it is or mermaid tail charm.  Over the months we have tried different splurge items from lotion, scissors to stitch markers and more but after a lot of thought we have decided to stick with our stitch markers to include in the box, a fun new theme every month.  You can never have too many stitch markers!

Let's talk about the crochet pattern this month.  I have recently discovered a huge love for triangle shawls.  I wanted to design something that was simple to make but a gorgeous triangle shawl that is made with one skein of yarn! This shawl is design to be joined in the back so that it fits like a cowl but looks like a shawl.  Meet the Bluebonnet Shawl,  the yarn has a beautiful blue ombre to it, so it has pops of different shades of blue and white within the shawl.  It is amazing what a transition yarn can do, from a dyed hank yarn, to caking up the yarn and then crocheting it with a gorgeous texture.

We love putting together the boxes every month, it is a lot of fun to put together every piece that goes into the box.  We brainstorm what colors we want the yarn to be and if the crochet hooks will completely coordinate or complement the yarn.  Once I have the colors for the yarn chosen, then I decide what I am going to make, I let the colors of the yarn tell me what it wants to be! If we can select a splurge item that will coordinate with the crochet pattern, we do that but it is also fun finding creative splurge items that you may not think that you need!

If you received the May 2019 box I would love to know what you favorite item from the box was your favorite.  If you didn't receive the box, would still love to know which item I showed you was your favorite!

Don't forget you can join at any time to receive the next month's box, you can sign up at www.leithercollection.com and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Looking for more inspiration?

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