Leither Collection Subscription Box October 2019

Leither Collection Subscription Box October 2019

Did you know that we have a monthly crochet subscription box? With the love of crochet and everything about it we started a crochet subscription box back in October 2018. I have been designing crochet patterns since 2012 and love coming up with new designs and having a theme to create those designs really inspires me. After my husband started making crochet hooks last year after my crochet injury, I became inspired to crochet even more! Then I started hand dyeing yarn and designing based on the colorway and weight of the yarn, that is when the Leither Collection Subscription Box was born! Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links Let's dive into the October 2019 box, it is also our one year anniversary box!! I can't believe we have been putting these boxes together for a whole year but when I think back to all the boxes that we have put together as this is box number 13, it makes sense. We love putting together these boxes every month and collaborating together to come up with something fresh and new. This month we wanted to go with a fall theme but we didn't want it to be Halloween themed because we had just sent out to a lot of you our 13 Days of Halloween Box, so we wanted you to be able have a Halloween box and a fall box! So this month we wanted it be represent the time of year in the box with the leaves changing we wanted to bring that to life in the box with the orange, brown and grey yarn, the red wood (for the funfetti and natural boxes), the leaf stitch marker and the crochet patterns designed for this month. All together I think it says, Hello Fall! This month the colorway was a fall color palette of an orange/brown/grey/cream in the yarn. But I wasn't sure how I wanted to create it and once I made the sample batch, I fell in love. This yarn is a fingering weight yarn that is 100% superwash merino and it super squishy and the color changes is sporadic and I love it! It is 400 yards and 100 grams of squishy goodness!

Beanies that I love!!

1. Vintage Ripple Beanie 2. Morgan Beanie 3. Jelly Bean Beanie

Sign up for the next box at www.leithercollection.com and use the coupon code HOOKED to get $5 off your first deluxe box! Lets talk about these gorgeous crochet hooks! This month we were wanting the colors of the leaves changing inside the box and the yarn had the orange, brown and grey bit it was missing one color. The box needed some red!! The funfetti hooks are a gorgeous red and brown combination and the natural hooks are a natural red color but these two different woods make them both look unique in their own way! Which one did you receive? Last month our stitch marker the coral seashell with a starfish and pearl stitch but since this month we were saying hello to fall and the leaves changing we had to have a leaf stitch marker. Since this was an anniversary box I wanted to include a little something extra. I wanted something that represented this past year but something that had purpose as well. This month I included a bracelet that was half wood beads to symbolize the amount of wood that we have use this past year in our crochet boxes with our wood handle crochet hooks because they have changed my crochet life. The other half of the bracelet has lava beads, lava beads represent being calm and I don't know about you but I find crocheting to be relaxing and a great way to unwind at the end of day and the combination of the lava beads and the crochet, will give you relaxed crochet time, which is important. If you use essential oils, you can diffuse your oil into the beads. Remember I said that I wanted a gift that also had a purpose and since June we have been including monthly stitch markers to help complete our theme and with the bracelet you can clip your stitch markers onto them and have them on hand when you need one! Now lets dive into the crochet patterns, the first one that I designed was the Autumn Shawl, it is created in a triangle and has gorgeous crisscross stitches. The way that it is shaped, the shawl transitions into a diagonal and I absolutely love how it came out! The second pattern that I designed are the Autumn Leaf Earrings, I have been wanting to make earrings for a long time and when I picked the autumn/leaves theme for the box, I knew the earrings had to be leaves and they work up super quick. If you purchase the kit, the fishhook earrings are included so that when you receive your box, you can get right to making the crochet patterns. I hope that you are loving having two different crochet patterns to choose from each month! We love putting together the boxes every month, it is a lot of fun to put together every piece that goes into the box. We brainstorm what colors we want the yarn to be and if the crochet hooks will completely coordinate or complement the yarn. Once I have the colors for the yarn chosen, then I decide what I am going to make, I let the colors of the yarn tell me what it wants to be! We have also loved finding coordinating stitch markers to complete the set. If you received the October 2019 box I would love to know what you favorite item from the box was your favorite. If you didn't receive the box, would still love to know which item I showed you was your favorite and remember you can now purchase this as the Autumn Kit in our store. Don't forget you can join at any time to receive the next month's box, you can sign up at www.leithercollection.com and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! Remember to use the code HOOKED to receive $5 off your first deluxe box. Looking for more inspiration? Try the Magnolia Blanket! ~Ashley


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