Modern Baby Sweater Crochet Along

Modern Baby Sweater Crochet Along

Update: This crochet along has ended but I have combined the entire crochet along into one post and you can see the progress photos below and still make the Modern Baby Sweater at your own pace.

When I saw this adorable sweater on Annie's, I knew I had to make one for a little girl that I knew!

Elizabeth of course!  I have partnered with Annie's to host a crochet along.

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For fun, I will be making the Modern Baby Sweater (pattern includes a hat as well) for Elizabeth to wear during these cool months ahead. Do you know a little girl who would like a sweater too? Sizes available 6-9 months, 12 months and 18 months!  Here is a link to grab the pattern!  The pattern calls Schachenmayr Baby Smiles Bravo Baby 135 fine and Schachenmayr Baby Smiles Lenja Soft but here in the US I am not able to get that yarn quickly and you know us crocheters, we have to start a new project as soon as we find it! So, I found a fabulous alternative, the yarn that I am using is Bernat Softee Baby and Bernat Pipsqueak yarn.

Crochet tip: If you find a similar yarn for your project even if it varies in weight, as long as you check your gauge then the yarn should work for that project. I had to go up a hook size to an I - 5.50mm hook but I was able to get my gauge with 13 stitches in 4 inches.

September 18th:

This past weekend on the schedule was to pick yarn of choice and check gauge. Crochet Tip: Take your time and read through the section you are working before making the section, there are a lot of different pieces to make, but once it comes together it is going to be fabulous!

First on the schedule is the waist!

I completed the waist and now I am snuggled up with my blanket, project bag and ready to begin the right front and sleeve.

This pattern is very quick and addicting to make, it didn't take me very long to complete the right front and sleeve. 

September 19th:

The back is hiding but here is the left front!

Here is the whole top piece, completed back, left side, right side and waist, now to weave in those ends and sew together the sleeves.

I have now sewn the arms together and have the gorgeous yarn for the cuff ready to go for tomorrow! 

September 20th

Up next on the hook are the cuffs and the skirt!

First, I added the Pipsqueak to create the adorable cuffs. I can really see this starting to come together. 

Next I added the gorgeous texture of the skirt.

Look, how adorable it is!! I can not wait to add the final touches on the Modern Baby Sweater for Elizabeth to wear.  Tomorrow is the bands and collar! Getting close to finishing!

September 21st

Up next on the hook are the right and left bands and collar.  First, I added the the front and left bands, which are needed to add the buttons.

Then I added the collar, which matches the arm cuffs.

Almost done, next is the finish touches!  Tomorrow I will be adding the buttons and tassel. I have already picked my buttons, I thought another color would help make the sweater pop. What do you think?

September 22nd

Guess what??? I finished the Modern Baby Sweater and I think Elizabeth loves her!

I think she is saying, "Look at my gorgeous new sweater!"

It's even comfortable enough to play the piano!

So grab your hook and go make one for the little girl in your life!