Santa Hat Crochet Pattern

Santa Hat Crochet Pattern

Santa is coming to town and every Santa and his little helpers need a Santa Hat! Christmas time isn't complete without Santa Hats and a handmade Santa hat with the a giant fluffy pom pom.  The Santa Hat crochet pattern is super simple to work up and quick too, so even if you just have a little b...
Snowman Beanie Crochet Pattern

Snowman Beanie Crochet Pattern

When it snows, what do you need, a Snowman Beanie of course! You also need to build a snowman as well and when you build that snowman you need to wear a Snowman Beanie!  The Snowman Beanie is a fun creative beanie and so fun to make. This beanie includes an adorable scarf to wear because every S...
Snowman Baby Crochet Pattern

Snowman Baby Crochet Pattern

Little Snowman Baby is such a fun newborn prop!   It might be too chilly to take the new bundle of joy outside but you can create a fun newborn prop to create an adorable snowman. This design is also simple to work up. With a combination basic crochet stitches you can make the beautiful snowman ...

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