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Emma Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

Emma Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

The Emma Ear Warmer is one of the first ear warmers that I designed, I love that you could take two complementary colors together and create a gorgeous ear warmer.  This ear warmer also has just a little pop of texture, so when you work that second complementary color, it creates double the pop....
Lynn Wrap Crochet Pattern

Lynn Wrap Crochet Pattern

Ear warmers are a fabulous head wear alternative and the Lynn Wrap is a simple crochet pattern. Sometimes the simple look stands out the most. Not only is the Lynn Wrap simple and gorgeous to work up but it is super quick to work up as well. If you know basic crochet you will be able to whip up ...
Noel Ear Warmer

Noel Ear Warmer

Puff stitches are a beautiful addition to a crochet project and the Noel Ear Warmer is a fun project to make.  The Noel Ear Warmer is created with a special stitch called the side puff, it sounds fancy but is is really simple to work up but looks fancy.  Ear Warmers are great to wear on those co...

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