Coffee Cozy Crochet Pattern

Coffee Cozy Crochet Pattern

My favorite way to drink coffee is drinking it cold and in frappuccino form, no matter the weather (and I am a little addicted to it).  I love my coffee cold but my hands don't like the cold during the winter.  Living in Texas a cold coffee is good most of the year because it is usually way too ...
Yogurt and Popsicle Cozy

Yogurt and Popsicle Cozy

I know with my kiddos when they are eating Popsicle and Go-Gurts, they sometimes will talk about how cold it feels on their hands. Can't blame them, depending upon the temperature, it is chilly on those hands. So a Popsicle and Yogurt Cozy is a fabulous idea for them to still enjoy that treat wi...

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