Mermaid Blanket Crochet Pattern

Mermaid Blanket Crochet Pattern

This week on the blog there has been a Fishing Net Blanket, Mermaid Baby so lets keep that theme going with now a Mermaid Blanket. The Mermaid Blanket is designed for older children (about 3-12 years). This blanket is fun to make and bulky projects are quick projects too. Do you know of a lit...
Mermaid Baby Crochet Pattern

Mermaid Baby Crochet Pattern

Yesterday, the Fishing Net Blanket was added to blog and today I am adding the Mermaid Baby. These two patterns go so perfect together. The Mermaid Baby pattern is so quick to make and also fun to see it become a mermaid. The pattern calls for chunky yarn, but you could use it with a solid color...

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