Hope Bear Beanie Crochet Pattern

Hope Bear Beanie Crochet Pattern

The next beanie being added to the Lizzie Bear Project is the Hope Bear Beanie, which is a beautiful textured beanie. I choose to name this beanie hope because hope is something that I felt a lot during Elizabeth's NICU stay because we were always hoping for the day we could bring her home.  Thi...
Simplicity Bear Beanie Crochet Pattern

Simplicity Bear Beanie Crochet Pattern

After I designed the Lizzie Bear Beanie, I knew I needed a beanie that was just a little simpler and a smidge quicker to work up, so meet the Simplicity Bear Beanie.  This beanie is just like it sounds, it is simple to work up and great for a beginner to join the Lizzie Bear Project or an advanc...
Lizzie Bear Project 2018

Lizzie Bear Project 2018

I can't believe Elizabeth is turning 2 years old in 2 weeks, so it is time to prepare this years Lizzie Bear Project.  Last spring and summer I made 51 beanies, all different from 51 crochet patterns that I designed in the previous years and made them and shared Elizabeth's story and the beanie ...

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