Yarn Bee Melody Bulky Yarn Review

Yarn Bee Melody Bulky Yarn Review

If you know me I am yarn shopping obsessed and I am always looking for new yarns to review.   Back in June my mom came to visit and we went yarn shopping for yarn so she could make her own Granny Chevron Blanket but she wanted to make the blanket to include a variety of yarns, so we were looking at all the possibilities to combine together.  While searching down the aisles, I ran across Yarn Bee Melody Bulky in the color Florals and I fell in love!  It looked like a candy explosion and I thought, I must design something with this yarn!  I often don’t buy variegated yarn because when crocheting a project the color changes can change sporadically and I like them to be consistent.

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But this yarn changed my mind on variegated yarns!  What I love about this yarn is that the color changes about every 2 inches, so when I was working another sample of the Swirl Pop Beanie, I noticed that the color would change very quickly, I could start a stitch with green and end on pink within that one stitch.  This yarn is a weight 5 bulky yarn but it isn’t a thick or heavy weight 5 it is just a little thicker than a weight 4 worsted weight yarn.  If you matched your gauge to the project you were making that called for a weight 4 yarn this yarn could be a fun substitute if you were wanting to try something new!

Project Idea: Swirl Pop Beanie

After I finished my second sample of the Swirl Pop Beanie, I thought it needed a Pom Pom on top, usually I don’t add Pom Pom’s to a lot of projects except Santa Hats but this beanie shouted that it needed a Perfect Pom Pom on top!  While making the Pom Pom it was like a candy explosion again.  I don’t think I could accomplish this look of amazing multiple colors together without using this yarn specifically.


I could go on and on all day about this yarn but I think the only way for you to really believe me is to try it yourself!  So, you can find this yarn at your local Hobby Lobby store or online.



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