Autumn Cowl Crochet Pattern

The Autumn Cowl was originally designed for our first Leither Collection Subscription Box, the October 2018 box with Lion Brand's Jeans yarn.  I loved the look of the cowl with that yarn but I wanted to design a new yarn colorway to rework up the design.

When I created the Sunset on the Beach yarn, I knew it would be perfect to work the Autumn cowl with, the combination of the gorgeous 3 colors together plus the gorgeous raised texture would create an amazing look.

As I was working up the Autumn cowl it was coming out even better than I imagined, the way that the colors changes within the cowl, it looked like there were little arrows as well making it very unique without having to do anything special.

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So, grab your yarn, hooks and get ready to get hooked on the Autumn Cowl crochet pattern!

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The Autumn Crochet Pattern can be found in my pattern store as an ad free and beautifully formatted PDF.

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Yarn: Medium, Weight 4; Sample made with Leither Co. (Sunset on the Beach)

Hook: I (5.5mm)

Tapestry Needle, Scissors and Measuring Tape


Gauge: 16 Stitches and 12 Rows = 4”x4” (hdc)


Pattern Key

St/Sts: Stitch(es)

Sl St: Slip Stitch

Ch: Chain

Sc: Single Crochet

Hdc: Half Double Crochet

Dc: Double Crochet

Fptr: Front Post Treble Crochet


Chain 1 will NOT count as a stitch.

Joining: When ending the rounds, you will join with a slip stitch into the 1st stitch (not the chain 1).

Autumn Cowl:

(28 Inches Circumference and 5 Inches Tall)

Round 1: Foundation Half Double Crochet 100, join with a sl st into the 1st hdc to make a circle. - 100

Round 2: Ch 1, 1 sc in same st, 1 sc in next st and each st around, join. - 100

Round 3: Ch 1, 1 fptr around dc post below, 1 dc next st, *1 fptr around dc post below, 1 dc next st; repeat from*, join. - 100

Round 4: Ch 1, 1 sc in same st, 1 sc in next st and each st around, join. - 100

Round 5: Ch 1, 1 dc in same st, 1 fptr around dc post below, *1 dc next st, 1 fptr around dc post below; repeat from*, join - 100


Rounds 6–16: Repeat Rounds 2-5 ending on round 4.

Final Round: Ch 1, 1 sc in same st, 1 sc in next st and each st and around.

Fasten off and weave in any loose ends.


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