Gruene Messy Bun Beanie Crochet Pattern

Last week I released the Gruene Beanie, it is a gorgeous textured bulky beanie that is quick to work up!  This beanie can be worn by anyone and can be made in any color!  As a busy mom of three, I often have my hair up in a bun, so on those cold days when I have to run out the door to run errands, I don't have time to do my hair to get a beanie to fit properly, so my solution most of the time is a messy bun beanie.  Since making the original Gruene Beanie I fell in love with this beanie, the way it works up, the texture and being able to customize the beanie is a lot of fun.  So I decided to turn my Gruene Beanie into a messy bun beanie so that I could wear it out the door and still have my messy bun!

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This time with the Gruene Beanie, I went with the pink lemonade shade.  I noticed going with this shade the texture really popped through, which is my favorite thing to see.  Going with a lighter color made the stitch more defined which almost changed the look completely of the beanie.  It is is amazing how just simply changing the yarn color of the beanie can make it look like a brand new design.  

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The Gruene Beanie Crochet Pattern can be found in my pattern store as an ad free and beautifully formatted PDF or for free here on the blog.

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  • Yarn: Bulky, Weight 5; Your Color Choice. Sample is made with Lion Brand Color Made Easy (Pink Lemonade)
  • Yardage: 125 yds. (adult)
  • Hook: 8mm
  • Tapestry Needle, Scissors, Measuring Tape and Stitch Marker
  • Hair Tie (Optional)
  • To turn the beanie into a messy bun beanie is a simple change, I recommend using an elastic hair so that the messy bun will last longer and not over stretch the yarn.

    To modify the Gruene Beanie into a messy bun beanie with a hair tie, you will want to work the round with 21 stitches working over the hair tie, then after you have made round 21, you will want to fasten off.  If you don't have a hair tie, you can still make a messy bun beanie, if you fasten off after working the round with 21 stitches.



    What color will you make your messy bun beanie?

    Need more inspiration?

    A fun textured blanket to make is the Oliver Blanket!  This blanket can be customized any way you like!


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