Route 66 Summer Adventure Box - PRE-ORDER

  • $145.00

Get ready.......we are going on a Route 66 Summer Adventure, and we are so excited!!  Imagine going back in time to 50's and taking the infamous mother road from Illinois to the Pacific Ocean in your Rambler Station Wagon.  We will have our route 66 map (2 100g skeins of yarn) and then will stop and visit 10 different roadside attractions along the way (bringing each stop to life through a mini skein of yarn).  Fire up the Rambler and let's hit the road!

Important dates to know:

Pre-Order Dates: April 29th - May 8th

Shipping: August 1st (on or around)

Crochet Along: August 19th - September 1st.


What is Included in the Box? 
  • 10 x 20-gram DK Skeins of yarn (49 yards each)
  • 2 x 100-gram DK Skeins of yarn (231 yards each)
  • Route 66 Box - the mini skeins will be inside our Route 66 box that will be individually numbered and labeled.
  • 1 Crochet Hook - surprise style, color and size.
  • Stitch Marker Set - 3-piece stitch marker set
  • Route 66 Keychain
  • Crochet Pattern - it will be a surprise what we are making
  • Crochet Along - August 19th-September 1st (14 days)

Please note that this box is a pre-order and will not ship until on or around August 1st. If you would like to purchase other items, please purchase them separately. 

Want to see more details - watch this video: