Fun Fusion Crochet Hook Box

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Fun Fusion Crochet Hook Box
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Fun Fusion Crochet Hook Box (Monthly Subscription) 

The Doors are Open to our NEWEST monthly subscription box, the Fun Fusion Crochet Hook Box, where it is all about the crochet hooks! 

We will offer a limited amount of crochet hooks each month, so subscribe before we close the doors for the current month!

What is included:

  • 1 Fun Fusion Crochet Hook (surprise style) featuring different elements (like funfetti wood, natural wood, resin and more to create a fun new crochet hook blank that we will turn into a Fun Fusion Crochet Hook. 
  • Features 1 Clover Crochet Hooks size from B-J (new size each month, will have a surprise hook schedule and won't repeat a size until we have sent all 10).
  • Theme: Suprise 
  • Yarn and Patterns are NOT included, but you will receive a link to recommend patterns with that featured crochet hook size.
  • Ships MONTHLY around the 5th of month.  
  • Renews the 14th of the month
  • New Subscribers can join between the 14th-18th of the month if we have open spots available. 

Photographed: Sample of crochet hook designs of what you might receive but not what will be included in the box.