Adjustable Sock Blockers - Ready to Ship

  • $36.00
  • $48.00

Grab a pair of Adjustable Sock Blocker Set to wash and block all your crochet and knit socks!

One of the amazing things about these sock blockers (there are many) is that they are adjustable so that means with one pair of sock blockers, you can block a pair of socks for anyone from women's size 4 to men's size 13! How amazing is that! Everyone's feet are completely different and to be able to adjust the sock blockers for that persons foot and the style of sock your are making (long socks or ankle) is wonderful!

Ideal for blocking many sizes of socks! Adjustable sock blockers come apart for easy portability and storage. Using the two part screws provided, adjust the leg, foot and heel for the perfect fit. The screws can be tighten and loosened using fingers or with a small coin.