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Farm Table Hook Stand

  • $60.00
Choose Your Wood

Meet our newest Leither Co. Product, the Leither Co. Farm Table Hook Stand that can hold all of your 15 different sizes of Leither Co. Hooks.  

Every hook stand is handmade and made to order, just for you! 

You choose your piece of wood.  

All Hook Stands will be made finished with the oils and with the standard 15 crochet hook sizes holes unless you request it to be different during checkout.  If you would like for us to leave the wood left bare, so that you can DIY paint or stain it yourself, please let us know in the comments during checkout.  Also, if you would like your table to have custom sizes holes, please leave that as well.  

Please note that these are handmade from natural woods, each piece will be unique and will take 1-2 weeks to get your hook stand made and prepared for shipment.  

*Crochet Hooks NOT included. 

*As with any handmade item, there is a chance the piece you select could become damaged in the making process. If this occurs, we will do our best to provide a suitable replacement of your choice. So in the unlikely event that your item does become damaged before completion you will be shown several different replacement options to select the one you like best.