Store Policies

  • All Sales are FINAL.
  • Returns and exchanges are not excepted as everything is handmade and unique, items may slightly vary from photos.
  • Leither Co. is not responsible for lost packages or delivered to the wrong address. If your order is lost in transit or is missing after a delivery notice, please contact USPS to file a claim.
  • If you order gets returned due to a shipping error, please contact us to get your order re-shipped, you will need to pay additional shipping to have the package re-shipped.
  • If you have a question about something you have ordered, please e-mail Ashley@TheLeitherCo.com and allow 3-5 business days to receive a response.


Leither Co. Store Common Questions: 

When will I receive my order?
Majority of the things we carry in our store, is made to order and it is handmade/hand dyed and it takes 1-2 weeks to get the item made and prepared to ship out to you. Each listing will tell you how long it usually takes to ship. 
What if I don't see what I am looking for?
If you would like something made that we may not offer in our store anymore and maybe it was a custom item for another customer, just ask we can usually re-create it. 

Leither Co. Subscription Box Common Questions: 

When will I receive my first box?
Please see the subscription that you subscribed to, to determine when the box will ship. Each box is on its own schedule.  
How often will I get this box?
That depends upon what kind of box you subscribed to and how often it ships.  Each box has the details in the description. 
Will I receive what I see in the photos?
No, your box will be a surprise.  These photos are for promotional purposes, so that you see samples of what you may receive. 
How can I get a past box?
Our past boxes are now available individual purchase from our store www.TheLeitherCo.com
How much is shipping?
Shipping will be a separate charge, depending upon the weight of the package, will determine the shipping price. 
When does my subscription renew?
Renewal date will be listed in each individual subscription box description. 
Can I cancel my subscription? 
Yes, if you want to make a change to your subscription, it must be done before the renewal occurs (please see the date that is for the box you are subscribed to). 
Why? To keep our boxes shipping out as scheduled and on time, we cannot cancel your box. We understand financial situations may change but we do NOT offer refunds as we have already begun the process of making the box. 
Can you cancel my subscription for me?
Unfortunately, no.  Please note that Leither Co has a policy that members must cancel their own subscriptions, we can’t cancel it. This is to prevent incorrect changes to a customer's account. 
If you need further assistance with canceling and need further steps, please send us an email but please don't wait until the last minute as we are a small business and aren't always available online. 
Where can I find my subscription. 
Please note that we have two subscription apps within our store.  You can find it under MYSUBSCRIPTIONS (it doesn't look like a clickable link but it is) OR Subscriptions.  Depending upon what you are subscribed to or when you subscribed that will determine where your subscription is located. 
Have another question? Send me an e-mail at Ashley@TheLeitherCo.com


Leither Co. Crochet Hook Warranty: 

You have 30 days from the date the crochet hook purchase was marked as delivered via the delivery service to inspect and test your crochet hook for any handmade manufacturing flaws. If you think your crochet hook has a flaw, you must email us before the 30-day period ends, and it will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis on how to proceed. Please note that each crochet hook is fully inspected and tested before it gets packaged to be shipped to the customer.

Leither Co. crochet hooks are high quality, handmade products that are designed to last a lifetime. In order for it to last a lifetime, you must care for the crochet hook properly. That means storing it in a safe place, like a hook stand, cups or another storage system that keeps them safe. When you are traveling with your crochet hooks, it is recommended to keep them in a crochet hook organizer bag and be mindful of what else is in your bag.

Please note that we will not replace crochet hooks due to them not being handled properly. This includes the following but not limited to, dropping the hook, it rolling off the table, losing the hook, sitting on the crochet hook, handing it in a rough manner. This includes children getting a hold of the crochet hook and mishandling it. Also includes the weight of other items in project bag putting strain on it or any other item/place that weight was applied. This is also extended to dog/cat damage or any other animal getting hold of the hook, etc. This list does not include every scenario that may occur.

Please remember to care for your Leither Co. crochet hooks properly and you will have them for every future project.

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