Leither Co. Subscription Boxes

March's subscription is open, scroll down to find the perfect box for you (we have 7 to choose from)!


All boxes ship between the 10th and 15th of the month!


All plans AUTOMATICALLY renew on the 20th of each month.


Get Hooked on crochet with the Leither Co. Subscription Boxes.


We offer two different subscription boxes Leither Collection and Get Hooked on Socks. There are 4 different box options with the Leither Collection Boxes and one option with the Get Hooked on Socks Box.


Leither Collection Boxes:

We offer MULTIPLE different options with our box, you can select just the hand dyed yarn (1 skein or 2 skeins) or you can UPGRADE to the deluxe box and receive a handmade funfetti (fun colors) crochet hook and stitch marker too! All boxes come with multiple crochet patterns and a fun bonus item. Get Hooked TODAY!


Get Hooked on Socks Box:

There is only one option for the Get Hooked on Socks Box and this box comes with 1 sock set of yarn, stitch marker of the month and 1 new crochet sock pattern each month.


All our Leither Co. products are made by us (Leither Co./husband and wife team). All the yarn is hand dyed in small batches of 4 and all the crochet hooks are individually handmade.


Come join our wonderful Leither Co. Community!

Leither Co. Sock Subscription Box - National Park Theme

Get yarn delivered to your door every month! Subscribe and SAVE

Leither Collection Subscription Boxes - Under the Sea Theme

Get yarn delivered to your door every month! Subscribe and SAVE

Grab your yarn, crochet hook and Get Hooked!


Meet the Team

Husband and wife team, Eric and Ashley Leither hand dyed, hand make and curate the Leither Co. Subscription Boxes together every month!

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