Halloween Crochet Hook

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Crochet Hook Size

The Halloween Crochet Hook is featured in our 2019 - 13 Days of Halloween Yarn Box, the Halloween Yarn Box has sold out BUT we can make you a custom Halloween Hook.

This crochet hook is made to order, so please allow us 2-3 weeks to get your crochet hook made!

The handle is handmade with our funfetti wood, this wood is dyed to create beautiful color schemes, creating a very unique look, no two handles are a like. For the crochet hook, you get to choose your crochet hook size from our Leither Co. aluminum crochet hooks.

Each crochet hook is tested for comfort and quality.

The crochet handle measures 5" inches long. Depending upon the hook chosen it will add approximately 1.5-3" inches in length. The long crochet hook will give you extra room to hold your crochet hook within your hand.

This crochet hook is made to order! Please allow 2-3 weeks for your crochet hook to be made!

Funfetti Wood is the process of laminating premium yellow birch veneer into some of the most vibrant and beautiful colored wood material found.