Hocus Pocus Alpaca Sock Hand Dyed Yarn

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Meet our Alpaca Hand Dyed Yarn!  This is 100% non superwash alpaca yarn, so soft and squishy.  

Fiber: 100% Non Superwash Alpaca
Yardage: 190 yards / 80 grams approximately

This yarn is ready to ship, please allow 3-5 business days for this yarn to ship.

Alpaca Hand Dyed Yarn Fun Facts

  •  Our Alpaca yarns are 100% all natural, non superwash yarns.
  • Because they are all natural yarns, they require a lot more time and care during the dyeing process because the alpaca fiber wants to repel water and dyes. Which means they require more prep time, steam time and wash time.
  • Leither Co. Alpaca Yarn is 100% Texas sourced yarn from small family businesses. It is grown, sheered, scoured, picked, carded, pin drafted, spun, plied fiber into yarn all in Texas and then dyed in the Leither Co. dye kitchen.
  • Because this yarn is 100% all natural and is not mass produced you may find the occasional twig or hay in your hank of yarn. There also may be some quirks with the plying. Think of these findings as fun gifts from the alpaca because each Alpaca has a different personality and that is shown within the fiber.
  • It is recommended to wash your finished alpaca project in cold water and wash by hand.
  • Grab your alpaca yarns, crochet hooks and enjoy working with this amazing squishy yarn!